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residential garage doors are of the roll up or tilt up style. There is another option though. If you have enough room for one, you may want to think about installing a side hinged garage door. This type of door is made of two equal size doors that open out. The reason there are two doors rather than one large one is that it results in a much smaller opening radius. Most hinged doors are made from wood, but today there are many other materials that are available. This type of garage door was very popular nearly forty years ago. The advantages it had then still hold true today. Here is a short list of advantages of having a side hinged garage door installed in your home.

1. Side hinged doors are much easier to open. This is true because most of the weight is held by the hinges. As long as the hinges are in good working order, there should be almost no effort needed to open and close the doors.

2. Unlike other garage doors, you can have only one section of it opened at a time. This is great if you are trying to enter the garage yourself rather than with a car.

3. If you are not interested in having two equal sized doors, you can have a 70:30 ration. This is great if you plan on using one side for a human entrance. By only opening the smaller door to enter, it will be lighter and have a smaller radius. It will also keep any vehicle inside more secure.

4. Hinged garage doors are very traditional in looks and are visually appealing. They are also very eco friendly since they are usually made from wood. Today, you can get them finished in different ways or even made from steel if desired.

5. This style of garage door is also very easy to maintain and repair. The most you will really have to do is paint or treat the wood on a regular basis. Other than this, any panel that breaks can easily be restored and rusted hinges are easy to replace.

6. A side hinged door can also be motorized. Because it has side hinges, there is very little weight on the motor making it easy to open or close. The only reason this may not work is if you live in a high wind area.

7. Besides looks and weight, it is also very secure. There are many different types of locks available to ensure security. Due to this, side hinged doors are some of the most theft resistant types of doors.

As you can see, side hinged doors have many advantages over any roll up or tilt up garage door. If you have any questions or would like to have one installed in your home, you should contact a St. Louis garage door professional in your area.